RandGemeente / BanLieue / SubUrb

june-sep 2019

Convoy exceptional is name of the organisation behind Boot Tenace, and it’s an old dream to give shape to those words. This summer we will start a new story: SubUrb, or the tale of an experimental village that will develop along the waterline.

The Zeitgeist is asking for new ways to deal with our environment and each other, and SubUrb wants to offer a forum to experiment with alternatives. Win-win Deals, Floating Affairs, Travelling Spaces, or, to cut things short, to people with a pioneering spirit who have their own idea about a convoy exceptional.

During our previous expeditions through the undercurrents of Belgium we’ve encountered numerous experimental affairs in the margin and we’d like to connect them with each other, maybe a beautiful liaison could grow out of these acquaintances.

L’union fait la force, united we stand, that’s Belgium in it’s own words, and one reason for SubUrb.

But there is more to come: we would like to share the traveling part as well. Biking or hiking with SubUrb will make your holiday worth to share afterwards at the office desk or factory. Everyone is already traveling with Ryanair you see. This is why we will certainly need a travel agency at SubUrb, Home and Away or something like that and of course a travel consultant too.

We’ll need to find places to moor with the possibility to camp. And we need a hairdresser, an exchange office, a cinema, a radio station, a bakery, and of course inhabitants and tourists.

Anyhow, for now we already have a boat to start with, the Tenace, and she can serve as the SubUrb city hall. Starting from march there will be a city council held every sunday at the Tenace to decide how we will set up this SubUrb, and everyone who has opinions or ideas is welcome. The reports of the city council will be published at the logboek (log) on www.boottenace.be.

The ABC line will depart the beginning of june in Antwerp (that is, if the port authorities want to cooperate) direction Brussels, and we’ll end the journey in september at Charleroi. On several occasions the convoy will settle for a while.

Temporarily participation is possible, SubUrb will consist of changing formations and we’ll end in style with a general reunion of SubUrb in Charleroi!

Afterwards there’s the Pardon in Charleroi, a yearly festivity where the ships are blessed by the churchboat pastor, the best insurance against accidents

Feel like it?